The end of Syawal

Posted in Raya on November 8, 2007 by pantaran

Suprisingly I received an invitation of Raya celebration from one of my friend in TAIB.  I went on Saturday afternoon at TAIB Bandar, wow! so many people came and no wonder TAIB giving the lucky draw to the customer.  unfortunely I came very late and didnt get the lucky numbers.  I knew from my friend they also invite the `anak-anak yatim` and the public. 

I hope I will come early next year as my friend said it will become the annual event and this is the second year.


Bad Dreams

Posted in Blogger, Dream, solat on October 29, 2007 by pantaran

Lately I got so many bad dreams… it seems everyday I dream of bad things about myself, family and friends… the most recent I dream I saw my dead body surrounded by my families… I try to enter my body but couldnt… then I knew I was dead…I started to cry and prey to the Al-Mighty for the forgiveness… suddenly I woke up and it was 4.00 am… `astagfirullah` alhamdulillah its just a dream… I clean myself and went to solat… ” Ya Allah ampunilah dosaku dan panjangkanlah umurku”…amin… is the dream a warning to me???

Its raining again

Posted in Blogger, Raya on October 28, 2007 by pantaran

Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara

menyinari alam ini

kau datang dan kau pergi jua

basahnya lagi…. (sebahagian lirik lagu Sudirman)

My planning for a walk this morning at the Shahbandar has to be postponed… its raining again.. might be next week I can go to Shahbandar… what a rainy day…

I went to my second cousion`s house this afternoon for Raya open house… they served us `soto` hehe my favourite menu… but I expect `nasi` instead of soto since I came around 1.00 pm… but never mine I ate 2 cups of soto…

Last Day

Posted in Raya, Work on October 27, 2007 by pantaran

Today is my last day of my vacation… I have to work next week… I feel so bored… I alreay feel the pressure and tension… I knew next week we have few functions and meetings to attend and reports  to submit…  

Dirty Engine

Posted in Car on October 26, 2007 by pantaran

Yesterday I took my car for inspection at Land Transport.. the inspection was really smooth.. its only that the officer in charged could not find the my engine serial numbers.. Do you know why?  Hehe apa inda.. batah inda becuci… might be 10 years I did not sent the engine for washing… what a shame!  


Its already 3.30 the counter for renewing road tax has been closed.. so I took the car to the agent for engine washing.. its just cost me $10/= and less than 15 minutes waiting..

1st Post

Posted in Blogger on October 25, 2007 by pantaran

Today is Thursday, 25th Ocotber.  I am not new to the world of blogger and I think its time to me to write and sharing of my thought and experienced to the world.  The first step let to another step.  Sorry! my English is very poor but its not an excuse for me not to write.  I hope my English will be improve if I read and write alot.